Master Aptitude Test

If you do not achieve the minimum overall grade of 2,5 in your Bachelor, you have to pass an aptitude test to continue to the Master.

About two weeks before the test you will receive the date, time and room of the 30min oral peer review test and the names of the three examiners (botany, zoology, molecular biology).

Examination syllabus encompasses the content of the bachelor biology degree (including: cytology, anatomy and physiology of animals, plants and microorganisms, ecology, neurobiology, ethology, developmental biology, evolutionary biology, biochemistry, microbiology, genetics and the chemical and physical elements of biology).

As an additional help for preparing for the test we have collected questions from previous aptitude tests. Please note that this list does not represent the content of the test!!! It is only a selection of questions from previous tests. For an English version please ask the program coordinator Elisabeth Brunner.

This collections thrives through your Feedback, so please fill out THIS FORM and mail it back to us!

Click here to download the collection of PREVIOUS QUESTIONS!